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About Tamarindo Surf & Tours

About Us

Tamarindo Surf & Tours is run by Sara, a French-Canadian who relocated to Costa Rica in 2021 after falling in love with the country, and her partner David, a local who was born and raised in Tamarindo. Their deep knowledge of the area is unmatched, and they collaborate to ensure travellers have a hassle-free stay. As passionate ocean enthusiasts, our main focus revolves around deep-sea fishing and surfing lessons, but we also have a fantastic team for land-based activities. We can address all your inquiries in English, French, or Spanish.

Our vision is to inspire a deeper connection to the beauty and diversity of Costa Rica, ensuring it remains a thriving destination for generations to come

The Tamarindo Surf & Tour Story

The story of Tamarindo Surf & Tours began with the serendipitous meeting of Sara and David. From a young age, David had been sharing his passion for surfing by teaching lessons and working as a mate on fishing boats. Meanwhile, Sara, a marketing professional, had established an online presence where she shared her experiences of living in Costa Rica.

Sara’s online presence garnered attention, and she started receiving numerous inquiries from people seeking advice on how to make the most of their time in Costa Rica. With a growing interest in their town and the activities they offered, particularly in the realm of surfing, Sara and David decided to transform their passion into a business. Over time, their client base expanded, leading them to purchase a fishing boat and diversify their offerings with additional tours.

Today, Tamarindo Surf & Tours has evolved into a pivotal establishment in the town of Tamarindo, offering a wide range of memorable experiences to both locals and visitors.

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